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Priscilla and Rudy Rodarte
Picnic on Friday


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Picnic on Friday

Directions to our Picnic tomorrow!!!

To go to the picnic follow the same directions to get to the church. Go down San Antonio Street until you reach the circle.  Instead of going half way on the circle, go only 1/4 of the way, which you will be taking the road next to the big courthouse.  The street name is called Seguin Street. You are going to pass Bluebonnet motor company and then you are going to go under a train track.  Once you reach the underpass there will be a stop light.  You are going to turn right on the stop light to Landa Park Street.  When you turn right there will be a water plant to your left.  Keep going straight, you will pass a miniture golf course and then you will reach a stop sign at the train station.  Keep going straight until you hit another stop sign.  That stop sign is on momument drive.  Once you have reach the stop sign go straight about 50 yards and to your right you will find the picnic area.  It is number 6.  Hope to see you there. Priscilla

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